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Here are some commonly asked questions

How does the application process work?

Applications are accepted online within our website. Once staff have accepted that the permit is complete then you will be sent notification that it is under review and applicant will receive an email on next steps.

How long do approvals take?

Development Permits are under 8 weeks and if application is complete on first submittal then that time can be reduced to about 4 weeks. Building Permits are issued under 15 business days if application is complete.

What are the fees for Development Permits?

Development Permits are based on square footage. You can download the Fee Schedule here.

What are the fees for a Building Permit?

Building permits are $9.75 per $1000 worth of construction.

Who does the Building Permit Inspections?

Superior Safety Codes Inc. handles all building permit and sub-trade inspections.

What is the mill rate?

The current mill rate is 0.0198195.

Where can I find guidelines and specifications?

Our guidelines and specifications can be found here.

Can we schedule a pre-application meeting?

Yes, please contact Tsuut’ina Development Authority to book a pre-application meeting.

Are there fees for a pre-application?

No, it is the benefit of both Tsuut’ina Development Authority and the applicant to have a pre-application, this saves time and money to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This is critical in the design and cultural component.

Where do I get my water meter from?

Contact Desmond Mitchell in Public Works: 403-281-4455 regarding water meters.

What laws are in place for this development?

Our laws, regulations and Policies can be found here.

How is waste management handled?

TBD (This law is in progress)

What are the requirements for hydrants and their installs?

The Tsuut’ina Nation Fire Department can help with those requirements and specifications.

What are the measures to ensure sustainability?

Each applicant is required to fill out a Sustainability Scorecard.

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