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Taza - together at Tsuut'ina

The Tsuut’ina Nation and Canderel have partnered to develop Taza — one of the largest First Nations developments in North America. Taza is master-planned to embrace Indigenous culture, sustainability, and forward-thinking solutions. The Tsuut’ina Nation is approximately 10 kilometres by 30 kilometres in area, encompassing approximately 75,000 acres with a shared border along southwest Calgary.

Fully independent, the Tsuut’ina Nation is governed by Chief and Council and operates all of its own administration, business and social services programs, including their own tosguna (police), fire, and development authority departments. The Development Authority oversees planning, development and building permits, as well as business ,licensing in the designated Taza development lands within the Tsuut’ina Nation. This website is intended to assist applicants and their consultants in applying for any of the permits, applications and licenses outlined below.

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Developments at Taza are recognized and awarded for going above and beyond sustainability requirements, such as achieving certification from a recognized green building rating system.

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